View a short video describing how HotRod Tracker will help you recover your stolen bike!

View a short video describing all of the features and benefits HotRod Tracker has to offer!
Drivers receive access to live tracking of their vehicle and are instantly notified via text and email.

Parents can monitor their teen's driving habits and can locate their teens vehicle in a moment's notice.
GeoFence Alerts
GeoFencing allows you to quickly and easily set up geographic boundaries around specific areas such as your home, then receive instant email/text alerts whenever your vehicle leaves those boundaries.
Backup Battery Protection
Every HotRod Tracker is equipped with a backup battery. If your vehicle is stolen and your car's battery is disconnected, you will receive an instant alert and your HotRod Tracker's backup battery will activate to continue emitting a tracking signal.
Driving History Virtual Playback
View a virtual playback of your vehicle's driving history for a given date range or the last 24 hours. You will always know where your vehicle is and where it has been.
2-Yr Subscription Included
Your HotRod Tracker purchase includes installation plus two years of full access to HotRod Tracker's online real-time mapping platform, vehicle history reporting, instant email and text alerts, customer service and technical support.